PGC have good experience in plasticizers, stabilizers and additives for various PVC applications. From year 2009 we deal in the field of Plastic and PVC through quality products i.e. Epoxidized Soya Bean Oil , DOP, DINP, DOA, DOTP, TOTM, Stabilizer and TIO2 Rutile grade, Anatase grade as well. With market support PGC expand the business to relative series for Masterbatch, Rubber, Adhensive, Paper, Paint and Ink industries.

PVC Paste Resin

PVC Paste Resins (or Dispersion PVC) are specialty PVC produced with the use of our distinctive Hybrid Technology which exploits the distinguished properties of two conventional manufacturing processes. The fast polymerization rates achieved through Emulsion Polymerization is combined with the good latex stability and particle size control of Micro Suspension Polymerization.

PVC Stabilizer

Tin stabilizer is a methyl Tin Mercaptide heat stabilizer. It is use for plastic heat stabilizer with the most excellent performance fo the rolling, extrusion, and injection molding of hard PVC


Anatase is one of the three mineral forms of titanium dioxide, the other two being brookite and rutile. It is always found as small, isolated and sharply developed crystals, and like rutile, a more commonly occurring modification of titanium dioxide

TIO2 Rutile

Rutile has one of the highest refractive indices at visible wavelengths of any known crystal and also exhibits a particularly large birefringence and high dispersion. Owing to these properties, it is useful for the manufacture of certain optical elements, especially polarization optics, for longer visible and infrared wavelengths up to about 4.5 μm.


this product especially designed for producers of window PVC special shaped material, upper & Lower water pipe, box pie of wire, PVC foam plate, PVC extruding plate and PVC plate etc