PGC serve various sector of Plastic industry, our Product portfolio of polypropylene is available to meet the needs of various applications such as housewares, healthcare, automotive, construction, and baby care. The wide range of physical properties via modification, ease of processing, and cost advantage of polypropylene, make it an extremely attractive alternative to more expensive resins in a number of applications.


Homopolymer, polymerized by propylene, makes it widely used in commodity in view of the properties, including high stiffness, high temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.


By the discontinuity of the comonomer inside the PP homopolymer matrix, RACO PP becomes high clarity copolymer to improve the aesthetics and optical property of downstream products.


Polypropylene modified for specific requirements, such as better impact resistance or printability.


By the dispersion of EP rubber component inside the PP homopolymer atrix, HECO PP exhibits excellent impact resistance at room and low temperature and is suitable for automotive application.


Specifically designated polypropylene for medical and pharmaceutical devices applications.