PGC serve many plasticizer which are consume in a number of plastic. However 90% of all plasticizer are used for the production of flexible PVC. Our key products are processing Aid, Foam Modifier, Impact Modifier, SAN Resin, Lubricant, and ASA high rubber powder.


Processing aids are an important class of additives for poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC). At relatively low concentration, processing aids enable the melt processing of rigid PVC and enlarge its processing windows. Discussed in this presentation are some major functions of processing aids, such as promoting PVC fusion, modifying PVC's melt rheology, and lubricating to prevent adherence of PVC melt to the processing equipment. Some examples are given to show the effects of processing aids on PVC die swell, melt fracture, melt viscosity, and PVC fusion. Commercial sources of various processing aids and typical PVC formulations for various applications are also discussed.

Impact Modifiers

Impact modifiers are added to brittle plastics to improve the shock absorption ability which is an important requirement for plastics used in engineering applications. Impact modifiers are sometimes added to tougher plastics as well that lost some of their inherent toughness due to the detrimental effects of some additives. Typical impact modifiers are (functionalized) elastomers such as butadiene rubber, and (crosslinked) acrylics; block copolymers such as SBS, NBR, and EPDM; and core-shell rubbers with a soft rubber core and a hard shell such as ABS, NBR core-shell graft copolymers.

PVC Foam Modifier

A modifier system for extruding PVC foam comprising two separate core-shell polymers, the shells of which are substantially ungrafted to the cores. Also disclosed is an improved process for extruding PVC foam and improved extruded PVC foam composition and articles.

PVC Lubricant

A multi-alcoholization fatty acid can be used as internal and external lubricant respectively with good transparency and dispersancy.It is very suitable for Transparent product. It is light yellow or milk-white granule. It can be dissolved in hot alcohol , tri-butyl phosphate and chloroform, but not in water and alchol

SAN Resin and ASA Rubber Powder

This processing aid for ABS,ASA,ABS/PC alloy. It is also the foaming regulator for PVC products. It can also be used in the PVC products which have special request on heat resistance. It is white powder. It is not dissolved in water, alcohol, but can be easily dissolved in Ketone, chloroform. The ASA resin with high rubber content. Its inner core is acrylate rubber, Its outer shell is grafted styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer. It has excellent property of weatherability,UV resistance and impact resistance .Because it has not the double bond which ABS resin has.