Naphtha falls in the category of adaptable energy which consumed as a feedstock of petrochemical fabrication. Naphtha is extremely versatile commodity and highly effective for blending into gasoline. Its diluent ability boosts its utilization extensively.

PGC acquire Naphtha from highly integrated refineries or via their assigned vendor with the intention to cope with significant demand of petrochemical industries. Our objective markets like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and India constantly stipulate as for substantial petrochemical interest.


Naphtha produced by the processing of crude oil in petroleum refineries. The main uses of petroleum naphtha fall into the general areas of:

1. precursor to gasoline and other liquid fuels

2. solvents (diluents) for paints

3. dry‐cleaning solvents

4. solvents for cutback asphalts

5. solvents in rubber industry

6. Solvents for industrial extraction processes


Test methods are based on defining the suitability of naphtha for any of the uses. A method for assessing the solvent properties of naphtha measures the performance of the fraction when used as a solvent under specified conditions, such as, for example, by the Kauri–Butanol test method. Correlative methods have long been used as a way of dealing with the complexity of various petroleum fractions, including naphtha. Naphtha can act as a nonconductive flammable liquid, and may form ignitable vapor–air mixtures in storage tanks or other containers.


Adeptness and devotion allow us an effective trafficking. Being comprehensive partakers of market we inaugurate efficient team of experts who manage the supply chain. Our patrons had reliance on PGC to exploring and gauging opportunities to grow their petro products portfolio. We bring the customers with integrated solutions. Our speculative approaches channel the price differentials between buyers and sellers and elevate the simultaneous buying and selling process. Our manifest to stand with derivatives markets to sustenance fluidity. We understand the diverse needs of buyers so we arrange derivatives of respective product.


PGC has compact working relationship with petroleum suppliers so it’s intensifies an important segment to our activities. We facilities the both desk i.e. seller and buyer while the settlement of prices between the two bureaus. We also perceive price variations and regulate demand and supply delineates to defend our associates.